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What kinds of projects does Leitner Construction build?

Commercial construction is a wide-ranging business. To achieve long-term success, a commercial construction contractor learns to diversify. You can see many examples of Leitner Construction’s varied projects around the Rock Hill/York County area, including:


  • Educational
  • Sports
  • Municipal
  • Church

When hiring a commercial construction contractor, are there any advantages to “buying local?”

Leitner Construction thinks that “buying local” provides significant benefits to the local economy. When you hire Leitner, we purchase our construction materials from local vendors. We rent or purchase equipment from local rental companies. We hire subcontractors from Rock Hill. Every Leitner Construction employee lives in York or Chester County, so these municipalities receive our corporate and personal tax dollars. Money is deposited into local banks. And dollars are spent one retail, dining and services throughout our community.

Does Leitner Construction utilize environmentally friendly, or “green” construction practices?

Leitner Construction is dedicated to a cleaner environment and employs practices promoted by the U.S. Green Building Council. Leitner Construction retains a LEED consultant to assist in the development of our “Green” program. Leitner Construction consults with Stephanie Cooper, AIA, and LEED AP of The FWA Group of Charlotte NC.

Does Leitner Construction take any special safety precautions on the job?

Safety is a primary concern for Leitner Construction. We developed a comprehensive commercial construction safety program with the assistance of a retired OSHA officer. We employ noted occupational safety consultants Safety Services of America to keep us current in safety methods and training. Leitner Construction conducts weekly toolbox safety meetings for our crews, and we require fall prevention classes for our superintendents and foremen. Additionally, our operators must earn and maintain licensing and certifications for the machinery they operate. Leitner takes safety seriously and, as a result, we have not experienced a major accident in over 60 years!

I need a company who will handle all the government rules and regs for me. How will Leitner Construction deal with those headaches?

Leitner Construction has decades of experience and long standing relationships with agencies like SCDHEC and SCDOT. We have worked closely with the City of City of Rock Hill Development Services for over 60 years.
Leitner Construction’s varied list of projects has brought us into contact with all types of SC Inspection Agencies to include SC Special Inspections.

Leitner Construction Co.

1800 Saluda Road
PO Box 12190
Rock Hill, SC 29731

(803) 324-5665

1800 Saluda Road
PO Box 12190
Rock Hill, SC 29731

(803) 324-5665

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